We are Pilgrims on a journey together,
seeking God’s will on earth.


We are on a spiritual journey together praising God with a SONG

eeking to know and live the way of Jesus

ffering inspiring worship, music and arts

urturing an inclusive and loving community

enerating social and environmental justice

Our name, Pilgrim Congregational Church, harkens back to our spiritual ancestors who left England for Holland, and then embarked on the Mayflower for the shores of the New World.

We are part of a denomination—the United Church of Christ–that understands God to be still speaking to the world. Questions as well as answers are part of our spiritual life.

We value the intergenerational nature of our congregation and we care for each other.

We are firmly rooted in Biblical faith and committed to interpreting Scripture for the 21st century.

In many different ways, members of our congregation work to make the world a little more as we believe God intended it to be.

We are an Open and Affirming Congregation, pledging ourselves to welcome GLBTQ members and friends and to advocate for their full inclusion in our society.

We are a Just Peace Congregation, committed to working for social justice.

We are working toward becoming an Earthwise Congregation, actively decreasing our carbon footprint.

Jesus said, “I came that they might have abundant life.”

Extravagant Welcome        Generous Love         Faithful Service