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Pilgrim is a mainline, progressive, Christian church. We are rooted in Scripture, active in social concerns, and we nurture the human spirit through worship and the arts.

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We give thanks for our children and youth!

2017 Children Sabbath 2

We are truly blessed at Pilgrim by the vibrant presence of so many children and youth!  This Sunday (10/15) at worship we will be honoring the National Observance of Children’s Sabbath where we will bless the children, youth and families in our congregation.  We will also be presenting Bibles so we can grow together in knowing God’s love. 

 Children’s Sabbath was developed by the Children’s Defense Fund 26 years ago to help faith communities celebrate children as sacred blessings from the Divine and mindfully consider how we can live out our moral responsibility to care, protect, and advocate for all children. 

 As we continue to journey together praising God with a SONG, I pray we find creative new ways to help our children and youth, as well as others around the world experience God’s powerful love in Christ. 

Together praising God with a SONG


We are on a spiritual journey together praising God with a SONG

S eeking to know and live the way of Jesus

O ffering inspiring worship, music and arts

N urturing an inclusive and loving community

G enerating social and environmental justice

This is the wonderful new mission statement we developed last spring that fits us so well and gives us direction on how we are to live as a congregation and individuals.

Last week at worship we looked at what “Seeking to know and live the way of Jesus” means.  Some of the things we were reminded by reading Scripture is that so much of what Jesus did and taught was grounded in love.  Three things we can do to help us know and live the way of Jesus include:

1)    Know God’s love in Jesus is at work changing our lives and the world.

2)    Look beyond ourselves and the world to see how God wants us to live.

3)    Love intentionally as Christ’s beloved even when it is hard doing so.

Let’s show the world a faith that finds hope amidst the chaos, builds peace despite conflict, offers love for all, and embraces the beautiful diversity within our world!

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