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Pilgrim is a mainline, progressive, Christian church. We are rooted in Scripture, active in social concerns, and we nurture the human spirit through worship and the arts.

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Life Changes


What has changed your life?  I bet you can think of a multitude of experiences and people that have influenced your life and shaped who you are today.  Take a moment to think about the good things that have really had an impact on you.  Take a moment to think of the things that were challenging or sad that changed your life.  How does the beauty of  your life reflect the many influences over time?

In Scripture we are often reminded that our faith is to be a prominent force of change in our lives.  Jesus’ journey demonstrated this in many ways as he walked among ordinary people needing to be healed and empowered for good.  Faith changes that help us experience God’s mystery, glory, and love can bring great peace, strength, compassion, and courage into our lives.   Being intentional about our faith and our relationship with God is an important factor determining how much we are influenced by faith.

Faith changes do not happen for the sole purpose of enabling us to live healthier lives, but so we can bring about social change as well.  We as a congregation of people living out our faith in a God who rejoices in the wellbeing of all God’s creatures, can make a difference.  We can be intentional about who we are despite the many influences outside of our control.  We can change the world in positive ways, especially if we are willing to be changed by God’s love and the needs of others.  So maybe the question to ask ourselves is not “what has changed us?” but “how will we change?”

Let’s Work Together: Safe Shelter for All


Have you enjoyed your nice warm home this winter?  There have been plenty of cold days I have appreciated having a safe, warm place to escape from the winter weather.  This is something our  Social Justice Ministry Team was mindful of as they developed a 2018 strategic plan focused on promoting safe shelter for people who do not have any.  I am excited about the plan, and will be even more excited as we start to see our work helping others find safe, warm shelter.  Do you have any ideas or inspirations?  Please let our Social Justice Ministry Team know.  Are you already participating in an effort to provide shelter to others?  Let the team know this as well, so we can support your work.  As we all know, it can be a cold world out there, but with generous hearts and hands we can make the Northland a warmer place for all!

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