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Pilgrim is a mainline, progressive, Christian church. We are rooted in Scripture, active in social concerns, and we nurture the human spirit through worship and the arts.

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Radiate the hope, peace, and joy of Christ!

Munger Memorial Window

In the past few weeks I have had the joy of visiting with individuals from Nigeria, China, Kenya, El Salvador, and Honduras.  I also heard stories from one individual who was a part of Pilgrim’s youth group in 1927, another person who worked on a nuclear submarine during the cold war and others who are working at a national level to bring about social or environmental change.  All of these individuals were either members or visitors at Pilgrim Congregational Church (UCC).  What a wonderful array of life perspective and experience we have at Pilgrim! 

 Are you taking the time to greet visitors and show interest in the lives of people you do not already know?  I hope so.  Remember to be the hands, feet, and smile of Christ even when the world does not seem to be smiling back.  A simple way to start doing this is by greeting, listening, and being kind to people you do not know well at Pilgrim and beyond.  Radiating the hope, peace, and joy of Christ can start with something as simple as a smile and greeting.    

New Year Blessings!


New Year’s blessings to Pilgrim’s church family and friends!  May you experience God’s love, peace, hope, and grace in many ways throughout the year.  I am excited about God’s work through us!!  I know God has wonderful things planned for Pilgrim and we will make it possible if we live with an ANT- like faith: Being AVAILABLE to God, being open to NEW possibilities, and TRUSTING God will work in and through our lives. God’s blessings to you!  In Christ, Pastor Karen

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