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Easter Blessings!

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Easter blessings to you!  I pray wherever you are in your life journey you know the hope of our Savior who demonstrated the power of God’s love to break free from the confines of death.  The Easter story so beautifully illustrates that even in the depths of grief and brokenness we can find hope in God’s love.  According to the Gospel of John, Mary’s experience at the tomb and in the garden with Jesus shows the stunning transformation of knowing God’s resurrection love in the midst of great loss.  While Mary’s encounter with Jesus was very personal, she was tasked to share the good news with others.  The hope and love was not to be contained for self- preservation, but shared for growth.  May we embody Christ’s hope and love as Easter people with a faith that stubbornly refuses to absorb all of the world’s doubts.   Please let us know if there is some way we, as a faith community, can help you know God’s hope and love, because we care!

Getting a grip on life


During Lent we have looked at pieces of Jesus’ journey while asking: What do we need to let go of and what we need to hold onto in order to live spiritually healthy lives?   Some of the things we have learned include –

What to let go of:

  • Focus on materialism
  • Exaggerated pride & self-sufficiency
  • Whatever separates our hearts, minds, and souls from God
  • Exclusiveness and stereotypes that separate people
  • The myth that life is easy and we need to strive towards the ideal perfection
  • Need to understand and explain everything

What to hold on to:

  • Our need for God
  • Openness to new ways God is at work
  • Building community
  • The grace and purpose Jesus offers to us
  • Faith in God

The lessons God gives in the Bible on what to let go of and what to hold onto extend far beyond this list.  What do you need to let go of and embrace to experience God’s presence more fully and to be a more positive presence in the world?  What do we as a congregation need to let go of and embrace to more powerfully radiate God’s love in Jesus?

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