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“Yes!” to Easter Hope

We often think of the Easter story as something to experience individually.  Once we embrace the story of Jesus’ resurrection, we can find hope for facing the challenges of our lives.  We see faith as being very personal, and unique to our experiences, perceptions and theologies.  Yet if we really look at the Easter story, there is a strong focus on the collective sharing of hope and new possibilities. 

Wherever we come from in our faith journeys, when we embrace the Easter story at some level, we are called to live the hope of God’s resurrection work.  God urges us to respond with a collective “Yes!” to Easter by working together to tap into God’s love, bringing wholeness and renewal into the world.  Helping others say “Yes!” and join in the work of love. 

This is what church is called to be – a collective “Yes!” to bringing Easter hope into the world. Not just me, nor just you, but us.  Together with God’s Spirit shaping the world around us and beyond with God’s love in Jesus Christ.  Together removing barriers created by expectations and reasoning to say “Yes!” and following Jesus into the new audacious work of God. 

We may have a hard time grasping what we are called to do and we may stumble at times, but God’s work and love are persistent.  The unexpected may throw us off at times, but together with faith we can do much more than alone.  No matter what challenges we face as a people, as a congregation in a struggling world, may we come together from wherever we are on our journey of faith and understanding to say, “Yes!” to Easter hope and witness to the depth and power of our God’s love. 

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