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Pilgrim is a mainline, progressive, Christian church. We are rooted in Scripture, active in social concerns, and we nurture the human spirit through worship and the arts.

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Pilgrim Church and COVID-19

Dear Members and Friends of Pilgrim Congregational Church, UCC:

The Pilgrim Church Council has suspended all on-site activities until further notice. This includes: Sunday worship services, Bible study, Lenten suppers and Vespers, church committee meetings, choir rehearsals, bell choir rehearsals, Sunday school, confirmation and other youth activities. Some activities are now being held online. Please contact the church office for specific details.

Here is a link to the videos of Associate Church. 

On March 26, the leadership of the United Church of Christ posted a  Pastoral Letter in a Time of Pandemic. 

The website of the Minnesota Conference of the United Church of Christ is found here: Minnesota UCC Conference

Pilgrim Youth Fundraiser for Beirut

As a result of the Beirut explosion, over 300,000 people have been left homeless. Because of Lebanon’s large inflation rate and deteriorating economy, it’s even more difficult for those who have lost their homes to recover. So what can we do to help?

Below is a link to the Lebanese Red Cross:

By selecting this link, you can easily donate any amount you would like directly to the Lebanese Red Cross and help to provide relief for those affected by the Beirut explosion. The Pilgrim Youth Group thanks you! 

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